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12/03/2021 – Omicron? More like Oh Come On!

This week we talk about the new Covid-19 Variant, the Build Back Better Plan, and the end of the Eviction Moratorium.

Link Section if we reference specific stories or articles:

  • The update in the local masking story:
  • Omicron Update:

S01E01: Infrastructure Week (11/17/2021)

This week, we talk about the election results, the infrastructure bill, and a new lobbying group masquerading as a grass roots movement.

Elephant in the Room Gossip Items:

  • Steve Bannon was Indicted for Contempt of Congress:
  • Kyle Rittenhouse’s Court Case continues to be a circus:

Main Items:

  • What’s in the Infrastructure Bill:
  • Who are the Moms for Liberty?
  • Why is there a group devoted to meddling in schools?