Month: May 2022

5/27/22 – Sending Thoughts, Prayers, and Children to Heaven

In 2020, there were 45,222 deaths from gun related injuries. That works out to 1 every 11 minutes.

In 2022, gun deaths became the #1 cause of death among children, passing motor vehicle accidents.

There are gun control regulations that work. It’s time for action.


5/13/22 – Not Talking Back

This week we break down Michigan Senator McMorrow’s speech to see what every democrat can learn, a GOP Talking Point Memo to see how the other side shapes the story, and then we catch up on what’s happening locally.

Link Section if we reference specific stories or articles:

5/4/2022 – Special Session: Roe v. Wade

Special Session of Push Ahead with special guest Eli Logan. The ladies talk about the draft Roe v. Wade decision and what you can do to help us all move past this terrible supreme court decision.