Push Ahead

Good-bye Everybody!

We just wanted to say thank you for coming along with us on this little journey of ours. Thanks for listening to our 47 episodes across two seasons and we hope we entertained, informed, or excited you about local, regional, and global politics.

Before we sign off, we just wanted to leave you with the core values that we’ve tried to follow from episode to episode:

  • We believe that the government should help people, not hurt them.
  • We believe that elected officials should be from the best of us, not the worst.
  • We believe that an open and friendly dialog with your neighbors is the best way to affect change.
  • And that means we believe that change begins locally.
  • Finally, we believe that your vote is just the beginning.

If you want to keep in contact, reach out to pam at brevarddems.org, she needs all the help she can get.

We’ll be keeping the episodes up for a few months but the site, twitter, and facebook will go silent now and dark in a few months.

Thanks again, it’s been fun, and I hope you the best in your life.


8/25/2023 – Storm Season

In this episode, we go over the latest and greatest to happen during the summer doldrums.

8/11/2023 – Judgy Day

In this episode, we discuss more indictment news, the burn-out of desantis’ campaign, and local shenanigans.

7/28/2023 – More Summer Doldrums

Hey everyone, apologies for missing last episode, we had a family emergency to tend to. We’re back with a shorter episode to cover the big events over the past couple of weeks and will get back to you with a full sized episode in 2 weeks!

6/30/2023 – Florida Man Reads the News

In this episode, we talk about what’s going down at the state and local level here in Florida.

6/16/2023 – Miami Vice

In this episode, we cover elephants and the big nothing that happened in South Florida.

By the way, if you want to hear Jamie talk more politics, he guested on Lessons with Mike! Give it a listen, you won’t regret it. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lesson-112-ron-desantis-a-critics-perspective/id1626399419?i=1000616925990

6/2/2023 – I’m Just Here for the Popcorn

In this episode, we talk some big elephants like Ron DeSantis’ announcement and his feud with Trump, and also talk local matters.

5/19/23 – Hat in the Ring (Q&A)

In this episode, the hosts pull questions from a hat. Submit your questions to pushaheadpod@gmail.com. Also, our newsletter is still out there at https://pushaheadpodcast.substack.com/ (We promise it’s free) or at https://brevarddems.org/newsletter/

5/5/23 – (Corrected file) Getting Presidential

Hey! Sorry for the mixup, here’s the correct episode!

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4/21/23 – Clown Watch starring Ronald McSantis and Bozo Fine

In this episode, we talk about the clowns in control of government.