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4/07/23 – Indictment Week

In this episode, the squad talks about the many ways the GOP are losing and how to help make sure they keep losing for the time to come.

3/24/23 – Antici…….pation

In this episode, we cover so many things. There’s shenanigans happening on the global level with Putin, at the federal level and in other states with GOP congress critters and Trump Legal Troubles. Not to be outshined, our local set of political chins is busy costing Palm Bay millions of dollars while the FL state government is queuing up some of the ugliest laws to be passed since 1930’s Germany.

3/10/23 – Don’t Be Such A Mitch

Florida Republicans promised to pass all sorts of hateful laws at the expense of Florida’s citizens.

The state senate session kicked off this week and we expect Florida’s government to pass all sorts of terrible laws instead of doing their jobs. We expect them to:

  • Pass a permet-less concealed carry law with a potential mod for open carry
  • Meddle in how our colleges teach our students
  • Make it easier to sentence people to the death penalty (very pro-life of them)
  • Lock down journalism


2/24/23 – Stopping Karens for Fascism Ft. Liz Mikitarian

In this episode, we are joined by Liz Mikitarian of ‘Stop Moms for Liberty’ as we covered President Biden’s visit to Ukraine, Jimmy Carter’s legacy, the manipulation of public education through fear, the founding of ‘Moms for Liberty’, and advocating for education. We discussed how President Biden’s visit to Ukraine was not warned to Russia and they threatened nukes after he left. We also looked into the late President George W Bush, Jimmy Carter’s long life and service, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s popularity, the organization ‘Stop Moms for Liberty’, the privatization of education and how it has been funded by large organizations, how well-meaning parents have been manipulated by the national rhetoric to become the greatest enemies to public schools, and the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. Finally, we talk about how you can get involved if you want to stop pushing back and start pushing ahead.

2/10/23 – Bringing Down The House, ft. Carlos Navarro

We are joined by Tracksuit Mafia and Monsters in the Morning Star Carlos Navarro to talk politics. Carlos Navarro is a local radio host on 104.1 Monsters in the morning, but has also acted in the Walking Dead and is a member of the Tracksuit Mafia in Disney’s Hawkeye.

In this episode of the podcast, Carlos, Shellby, and Jamie discuss the recent legal cases against former President Donald Trump in both Georgia and New York. The reopening of the New York corruption case and the potential charges against Trump are a hot topic of discussion. The hosts share their thoughts on the potential outcome of these cases and what it means for Trump’s future.

The hosts also talk about the current political landscape, including the race to the primaries and the controversies surrounding Florida Governor DeSantis. They question how DeSantis managed to become a political figure and discuss the impact of the Tea Party movement on the current state of the Republican party.

The group also touches on the influence of different generations on political affiliations and the GOP’s race to lock down power or lose it forever. The recent debt ceiling negotiations and the role of McCarthy and McConnell in the process are also discussed.

Despite the challenges and divisiveness in politics, the hosts emphasize the importance of staying informed and continuing the conversation about the issues that affect their communities. They express their hope for a more united political landscape in the future.

1/27/23 – Winter Blues

We are back with so many elephants happening at every level, state drama, and local drama!

1/20/23 – Opposite of Progress

We got a little episode before returning in full next week!

1/8/2023 – Your Invitation to the Crystal Ball

In this episode, we go over the highlights of 2022 and look into 2023.

12/23/2022 – Con Man’s Kryptonite

In this episode, we talk about Trump’s legal troubles and more Brevard drama!

12/16/2022 – December News Brief

In this episode, we deal with a bunch of elephants that have fallen out of Washington. We talk about the Sinema declaration, the Marriage Equality Act, and some other news that needs talking about. Full episode next week!