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11/11/2022 – Season 2 Trailer

Short one this time. Hey everyone, we’re taking some much needed time off after the election and will drop the next episode on December 2nd! See you all there!

10/28/2022 – Time to Vote

This is the last episode of Season 1. Listen and then go vote!


10/14/2022 – Removing the Three Rs of Florida

In this episode, we talk about getting rid of the three Rs that plague Brevard: Randy, Rubio, and Ronny.

9/30/2022 – The storm before the storm that comes after the storm but before the big storm

In this episode, we talk about Things! But mostly local news and what’s going on in Iran.

9/16/2022 – Getting the Elephants Out

In this episode, we talk about quite a bit actually. It’s the start of election season and a lot of bad things happened to Trump and the GOP.

Links to some stories we touched on:


9/2/2022 – 2022 Florida Primary Recap

This week, we talk about what happened in the primaries last week and how to move forward.

8/19/2022 – The Party of Law and Disorder

This week, it’s primary season around here. Vote on tuesday! Go! Vote! If you still have your mail in ballot, it’s too late to mail it in! Go Vote!

We also talk about the Mar-A-Lago Raid a little.

8/5/2022 – Look Ahead, Push Ahead

This week we’re joined by special guest Danelle Dodge to talk about what we got for voting democrat in 2020 and why we need to do so again in the midterms.

Check out Danelle’s website here:

7/22/2022 – Magnolia Conference

This week we’re joined by special guest Joanne Terry to talk about what’s going on locally in Brevard.

Check out Joanne’s website here:

7/8/2022 – Council of Six

This week we chat with guest host Jennifer Jenkins to discuss the SCOTUS shenanigans and updates from the Jan 6th committee.